Bal Sarathi

Daily Update from Deerwalk volunteers in Kathmandu

1. We received tarpaulins ( 100 pieces ) with each costing $12. These came via one of Deerwalk employees contact at a local supplier. We still have not decided where will it go as demands are lot more than 100. We will plan that out first thing in the morning.

2. We got a call from school nearby Deerwalk campus. It’s named ‘Bal Sarathi’ and its a orphanage. There were couple of kids there. Even though the building looked pretty stable from outside its almost like on the verge of falling down from behind. They have 100 students and it was sad to see that only few of them were around as many have been shifted to other places. When we reached there, some members of Sikh Community based in Nepal were busy making makeshift shelters using the corrugated sheets. Once again nothing has been committed yet. 

3. we have also started looking at option of setting up e-clinics in remote villages so that doctors in Kathmandu can help victims remotely via Skype and phone.