36 packages

1. Saroj Neupane  came back from his village in Dolakha. We h handed him with Rs 1,20,000.00. He made 36 packages of Rs 1,800 each comprising of one 30 kg sack of rice and one packet of salt. Another package was made comprising of one 30 kg sack of rice and one packet of salt, a liter of cooking oil costing Rs 2000 each. These were distributed to 20 households.

2. A group of students went to OMBAHAL, Kathmandu to meet a victim of a Deerwalker, who had lost her home and also members of her family. 

3. Volunteers of DWSWN sorted out and packed the ‘clean wearable clothes’. They plan to leave for Kavre with a company called Edushala. The members of Edushala will be here at Deerwalk. We need to ensure that they already have a particular place figured out. RAM Update 1. RAM Members – Julie Peddicord, Saron Rynard, John Stauffer, Paul Maresca will be joining the group that left today for their assigned work area by the government of Nepal. Finally everyone who enrolled for this mission was able to make it. By tomorrow evening the team of 15 RAM volunteers are expected to go full swing! They will leave tentatively around 10:00 AM in the morning. 


Plan for tomorrow 

1. On request of Meena Kusi, employee of Deerwalk, we plan to go to distribute water purification material. We will probably hand them cash so that they can buy from the nearest store. 

2. There is a massive request for tents in and around Bungmati and Khokana. We do not have tents as such but we may distribute the 100 tarpaulins to family there.