Day 22: Deerwalk Earthquake Work on the Ground

On 29th May, the Deerwalk Social Welfare Network joined a program organized by Kamalpokhari Sports Club specially dedicated for the school children. DWSWN volunteers led by Surendra Adhikari were Pranab Man Singh (Faculty of DWIT) and students of DWIT, namely, Pankaj, Mohan, Anushka, Malika and other volunteers Sweta, Simran and Over 60 students and parents participated the program.

In the beginning, the program was started with the general knowledge question and answers followed by chocolate distribution for the winning kids. Then coloring and sketching competition was organized. Some students painted the outlined sketches and some did free hand sketching and filled the color in. Finally a comedian movie show successfully brought about joys and laughs among the participants. The program helped the children to mentally refresh, forgetting about the earthquake. The children were happy to see all the chocolates, balloons and gifts we offered. The day was pretty fun to be around with such a cheerful group of children. They brought some positivity to the environment.

Also, the parents of those children were also impressed by how well the program went and were happy to see their children laughing and dancing forgetting the quakes and impacts at all. Not only the kids, but we all organizing members also enjoyed the program.

Finally the organizers thanked DWSWN for their cooperation and support in the program.