Hello From Ahmedabad, India

Upon landing in Mumbai before catching my connecting flight to Ahmedabad, the first thing I noticed was a huge screen in the terminal that was promoting the upcoming cricket match that India was playing that evening. To my delight, it was South Africa. This was exciting for me as I know that a head to head cricket match between South Africa and India is always a huge deal for both nations. 

With my internship starting the next day, I was introduced to my summer colleagues with fresh wounds - South Africa had lost. However, at a small expense to me this served as a great ice breaker. 

The city of Ahmedabad seems like total chaos at first and is a shock to the system. In my first auto ricksaw ride to my apartment, I found myself sharing the road with other auto rickshaws, cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, pedestrians, dogs and even cows. All this happening while the sound of people honking and hooting comes from every direction. Not to mention the heat. The only way to give you some kind of comparison is to ask you to take a hair dryer, put it on high and point it towards your face. Seriously, that's what it feels like. 

Growing up in Durban, South Africa I am accustomed to Indian food. However, the variety I have seen and experienced so far has blown away all my expectations. Every day seems to introduce something new with a different taste. 

The only thing topping the flavor and the hustle bustle of Ahmedabad is it's people. Every person I have been in contact with has been kind and cheerful. Although conversations are more often than not in broken English, there is always a smile shared.

India has been a great experience so far and has already added so much value to my life. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to discover what the rest of my trip has to offer.

Until next time.