Lime Peru, ACCION


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  • Active Clients: 362.282
  • Active Portfolio: $781,214,000
  • Average Loan Size: $2,015
  • Portfolio at Risk: 2.79%


ACCION provides ongoing technical assistance to Mibanco developing new products and efficiencies

My role:

[list style="unordered"] [item]Analyze portfolio at risk and other key performance indicators. [item]Country analysis of political, economic, regulatory and financial situations. [item]Calculations of potential market demand for different regions. [item]Development of client protection policies. [/list]

[p]I learned:[/p] [list style="unordered"] [item]The poor are the most vulnerable in times of financial crises. [item]Client protection policies are needed to protect those living at the bottom of the pyramid. [/list]