Day #1: Lost homes, lost lives.

Some Relief for Gajuri and Kumpur villages in Dhading Susma Pant.

An employee of Deerwalk Services and a representative of Deerwalk Social Welfare Network visited Gajuri and Kumpur villages in Dhading, 85 km away from Kathmandu, and distributed a sum of NPR 60,000 to six persons who lost family members due to the earthquake. The recipients of the donation were Bhim Bahadur Shrestha (Lost wife), Kamala Tamang (Lost daughter), Rajendra Shrestha (Lost son and wife), Thuli Maya Tamang (Lost father-in-law), Subash Pariyar (Lost sister) and Ram Lal Shrestha (Lost daughter). Thirty four houses in the two villages have completely collapsed and the families are now homeless. The destruction and casualties in the neighboring villages is much more.