Christine / Andrew

Country: Tanzania

Christine assisted Twaweza, a Tanzanian based NGO with operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, to prepare an evaluation plan and research existing data for a baseline survey. Designed a way to use cellular SMS to conduct surveys and designed a reporting system to report violence in a timely manner.

Andrew focused for CARE in remote villages where there had been no previous NGO intervention and limited government presence to develop a baseline survey, platform monitoring future progress and building local commerce.

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Country: Tajikistan & Afghanistan

Mariah developed five program proposals for Eurasia Foundation Central Asia (EFCA) covering the creation of Youth Banks, improving the efficiency of labor markets, promoting education, integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the private sector and building relationships between small business leaders in both countries.

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Country: India

Lily held focus groups and interviewed members of farming communities to evaluate the efficacy of programs implemented by the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), an NGO working throughout South Asia. Developed crisis mapping scenarios, held financial literacy classes and prepared proposals for dealing with major urban disasters.

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Joshua Haynes

Country: Niger

For Project ABC (Alphabetisation Basee par Cellulaire), Joshua Haynes created a software system that empowers rural farmers to make better economic decisions through information and literacy by using mobile phones to send SMS messages to check market prices of specific crops at different markets before traveling all the way to the market, saving transportation costs and providing the farmers with better prices for their crops.

He has since started his own Non-Profit, MASAWA, along with Julie Zollmann and three other former Blakeley Fellows.

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Country: Uganda

Rebecca conducted focus group discussions and designed a program manual for Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), designed survey tools oversaw a pilot program in 8 schools. She also managed relationships with all partners on Google’s Social Impact Assessment including development of a study guideline and manual for marketing teams.

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Danielle / Courtney

Country: Peru

Danielle Cooperated with ACCION Investments to analyze their micro-finance portfolio and performance indicators and to recommend client protection policies.

Courtney worked with NGO’s partnering with KIVA, a web based NGO partnering with MFI’s in over 40 countries, interviewing borrowers and evaluated their needs. She also trained local staff about KIVA.

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