Sihatha & Yanina

Country: Brazil

Sihatha strategized potential cross-sector partnerships for Mobile Metrix. Conducted an environmental scan of existing agencies, identified areas for organizational growth and contributed to a proposal to a major pharmaceutical company.

Yanina was in charge of the interviewing and selecting of mobile agents, preparing training materials performing training of mobile agents working for Mobile Metrix in professionalism, interviewing and survey techniques using PDA based software.

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Country: Bangladesh

Masaharu started a telemedicine service to connect local villagers with clinics or hospitals to urban hospitals, collaborating with bracNet, Grameen and BRAC. Responsibilities included meeting IT managers in local hospitals, developing a strategic plan and designing a demonstration to prove the service is technically feasible. Pilot project is now run by an NGO.

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Country: Malawi

Shailee set up programs with C-FISH to provide access to credit and training for best aquaculture practices. Conducted a baseline survey for MicroLoan Foundation (MLF) to evaluate the impact of their micro-loans in agrarian communities lacking capital and technology., enabling MLF to better understand the needs of their clients.

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Sarah Jones

Country: Tanzania

Sarah worked with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to empower communities in wildlife areas to engage in alternative livelihoods that not only have minimal environmental impact but allow them to see tangible benefits from conservation. Projects included helping women setup handicraft businesses and tourism for sustainable development.

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