Kai‐Moritz Keller

Country: Kenya
Organization: Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

CHAI was founded in 2002 to help save the lives of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world by dramatically scaling up antiretroviral treatment (ART). Kai-Moritz Keller worked within CHAI’s New Initiatives (NI) function on the ‘East African Local Manufacturers’ project.

Kai: “I left Kenya with a solid understanding of what working in an international NGO like CHAI entails and now comprehend the opportunities and limitations of working in a not-for-profit environment. I further solidified my understanding of the different career paths into the field of Global Health and have a clearer understanding of what sort of organization would be a good fit for my background and personality. Furthermore, I understand what it means to work in Eastern Africa as well as the benefits and drawbacks of starting out a career in a resource poor and security wise high-risk environment. Most importantly however, my experience in Kenya fueled my interest in and desire for starting my own public health venture. I left Kenya inspired by all the start-up entrepreneurs I encountered and the opportunities they are pursuing. Working with the different LMs reinforced that inspiration and provided a projection of what a venture might eventually turn into and the reward that building and growing one’s own enterprise entails. I am already exploring and researching opportunities for my own social-impact venture focused on providing access to vital medicine in the most impoverished parts of Africa as well as South-East Asia.”