Blogging with Squarespace Instructions

Step 1: Signing in to the Blakeley Fellowship Blog

Log in to the Blakeley Fellows Blog by clicking the "LOGIN TO BLAKELEY FELLOWSHIP PORTAL" button on the right sidebar of the homepage. (outlined in orange.)

Enter the login information that you recieved in your invitation.

If you haven't received a login invitation from the Blakeley Foundation, please send us an email at with your name, email address, and year of fellowship.



The Fellowship portal has a couple of resources to help you out. Click the "Add / Edit Fellowship Blog Posts" button to be taken to the blog editor.

When you arrive on the blog page after logging in, you will see a list of posts in the fellowship blog. To add a new post, click the “+” button next to the “Fellowship Blog” title in the sidebar.

The "+" Button outlined in orange adds a new post to the blog roll.

NOTE: If you don't see the blogging sidebar, you can also click "Manage posts" (see image below) to open the correct menu.

A popup will appear where you can add text, media, and any variety of other content. Click the handles of the black bars to select the type of content you wish to add, then follow the given instructions.

Edit Blog Post Box, with the "Add an image" module open


Step 4: Tagging and Categorizing your Post

To make searching as easy as possible, add lots of tags to your post (at the bottom of the Edit Post popup). Definitely add relevant countries, your name, different descriptives (such as “microfinance” “sustainability” “telemedicine” etc.,).

Make sure to add lots of tags and the category "Blakeley Fellows". This helps us make sure your article shows up in all the right places.


Step 5: Adding a Thumbnail, Excerpt, and Author to your post

Add a thumbnail and short description or excerpt to your post in the “Options “ tab of the blogging popup. Since you're already signed in, your name should appear on the dropdown list of "Authors" on the "Options" tab of the Edit Post Popup.

Adding these details, like the tagging process, helps us make sure that in summary blocks, galleries, and featured article promotions, we have a great image and excerpt to represent your post.

Otherwise, parts of the summary block for your post may appear blank, or may grab a random section of your post as an excerpt.

Step 6: Save, Save as a Draft, or Publish

Basically the most important bit. You can save your post as a draft if you'd like to come back and finish it later, and you can always return to a published post and edit, add pics, add video etc. 

Filling our your author profile

1. To fill out your author profile, head to the very first sidebar screen by pressing the back arrow at the top of the sidebar until you the main sidebar. Then click your little avatar at the bottom. You will be prompted to fill out lots of information - the more the better!

Filling out your profile with your social networks, bio, and location of your fellowship gives us great info to put on maps and can help Blakeley Fellows all over the world connect with each other.